About Me

Hi! I'm Ashleigh. 
A blogger & life long learner from the North East of England. I live with my three cats in a Victorian terrace flat. 
My aim in life is to live a creative life & find a way to make a living doing what I love. This is where I share that journey. I have had a lot of jobs doing many different things but none of them made me happy the way design work does! 

My family has always taught me to be creative and I spent many a Saturday night at my Nanna's house being taught to knit, sew and crochet. I never even considered this as a career until I was working in retail & a friend recommended a course she had done in textiles. This was the start of me finding my feet in this world and finally discovering something I love to do. 

I am passionate about illustration, good design, interiors & stationary. I collect books & my bedside table is stacked high. I love cooking. I am impulsive & adventurous. I love lists and note taking. 

You can find me in various places online - instagram pinterest facebook