Thursday, 19 January 2017

Crazy inspo : wedding fever

Weddings are CRAZY inspirational for me. I love when you seen the connection to someones most pure self laid out to share with their friends & loved ones. The most interesting weddings for me are the ones where you can see the correlation between the decorative objects and the couple who are getting married. I love when a plan comes together is basically what I am saying! 

Here are some crazy inspirational wedding images -

I must say I am really feeling all of these vintage hippy vibe weddings at the moment. I also love that the style of the photography suits the styling so well. The moody tones and minimal colour palette really helps to portray the wedding as vintage rather than playing at being vintage. 

I honestly don't envy brides to be these days! there is so much scope for custom ideas and diy details. I don't know where I would even start. 

And a few from pinterest - Wedding inspo

Do you know any amazing inspirational sites for wedding related photos? Let me know in the comments.