Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Life update

So just as I was getting back into the swing of things my brand new laptop decided to update windows 10 and cause my internet connection to be blocked! 

I have been so beyond stressed about a myriad of different issues so this on top was just so frustrating. This blog is my one creative outlet right now so to lose that was really annoying. 

But I finally sat down and looked at ways to fix it and I finally fixed it on my own! Apparently its quite common for windows 10 to do this so you'd kinda think the head honchos over at microsoft would solve the problem but nope. 

What have I been up to while I have been gone? well, I am now officially jobless which I won't get into. I had a lovely calm and stress free family christmas, which made a nice change. We actually went out for lunch for the first time ever and it was the best idea. I loved seeing my mam enjoy her day off instead of slaving over the dinner. 

I had a horrible doctors experience which I can't really be bothered to get into but basically the lovely GP I was seeing left to go on maternity and I went to see another who was rude, dismissive and completely negative. Needless to say I left the surgery and cried with anger & frustration.

I have now seen yet ANOTHER GP and she was really nice, pushed forward to give me blood tests to rule out other ailments before officially diagnosing Fibromyalgia. I will get those this week some time. After that I am scheduling some therapy sessions and some physio sessions so I can work out how to manage my pain better. 

I have some exciting things coming up full of creativity and love so please keep your eyes peeled & keep coming back!