Sunday, 22 January 2017

Goals 2017 - eat more fish

In the previous post I explained how I usually write myself a list of things I want to accmplish throughout the year. One of them is always try new foods. Now I love food and I love cooking. I grew up with dreams of becoming a chef, started working in kitchens and realized it just was not for me. The hours sucked and the pay was even worse. So I decided to continue my love for food at home where I was free to cook whatever I liked.

For a long time I was in a relationship and we were both extremely passionate about food. Both of us cooked a lot and I collected cookbooks. I was vegetarian for five years and that made me into an even better cook. I would experiment more in the kitchen and I became obsessed with spices and herbs. Now I am no longer vegetarian but I do still eat a lot of veggie and vegan food because its bloody delicious! Hummus & falafel is one of my all time favourite meals. But falling off the veggie wagon has been tough, its taken me two years to really get confident cooking meat again, I love seafood but I very rarely eat fish... in fact I am scared to cook fish. 

I don't know where this fear stems from but I just feel uneasy about it. However this is going to change in 2017! This is the year I master cooking fish! 

Here are some recipes I definitely have on my cooking list - 

Now I might be tempted to change this up and use monkfish or some other white fish but overall it sounds delicious!

I tried salmon once and hated it but it was years ago and I am determined to try again. This recipe looks like a good start.

Again with the salon hatred but look at this!! It HAS to taste good.

I wanna eat all of these right now! its a dangerous job blogging hungry.

Oh my word I can't wait to cook this one! Plus its a new cuisine as I have never cooked Brazilian food in my life! :)

This one sounds tremendously tasty & full of spice and aromatics! YUM!

What are some of your goals this year? Let me know in the comments.