Monday, 23 January 2017

Home decor : Texture edition

I dunno if its the fact that winter has just hit here in the UK after a very mild Christmas but I have been really determined to change up my living room with more of a Nordic feel, lots of clean colours and textures. At the moment it is painted green with one white wall which I had planned on wallpapering but never got round to. 

Right now I feel like painting all the walls white and getting a grey wall paper on that single wall. I am notoriously fussy with wallpaper which is why I have never gotten round to doing it. I don't like settling for something I don't love. Anyway I thought I would collect some inspiration for what I eventually want to achieve. 

I am all about grey + white, I also love the raw wood floor.

I know I'm not the only one loving all the blush pink vibes right now! Plus velvet is dreamy.

Not a living room but the combination of metallic, chunky knit and grey + white is perfect

I love this style of geometric container and the small addition of metallic they bring.

The main thing I want in my living room is a cosy feeling with lots of texture & blankets/throws.

I am candle obsessed but I would like my candles to look more decorative as I definitely have a quantity over quality thing happening right now.

I'd love to buy or make one of these. Since the fibromyalgia showed up I have so much hip pain so these would offer comfort as well as looking very pretty. 

Another thing I am obsessed about is fairy lights. I especially love the combination of sheer fabric with lights. I have been racking my brain as to how I can have this kind of drapey princess bed, I already have framed pictures I love above my bed so I don't want to obscure them. I might do something with my bathroom window like this instead. 

How perfect though??

I am so bad at keeping plants alive & it makes me super sad. I want to get more green into my flat this year! I have wanted to do something like this with branches for a long time.

Green just does good things to my soul you know?!

You can find these images & more over on my interiors pinterest board - Interior Envy

Thanks for reading :)