Sunday, 9 April 2017

Colour palettes I am loving

When I was doing my degree putting together colour palettes was one of my all time favourite parts of starting the creative process. I am definitely drawn to colour and I find it easy to put colours together. 

I thought I'd share some of my current favourite palettes with you today! 

The holographic trend is so beautiful & I adore these palettes taken from it

This combo of teal, mustard & purple is so dreamy! it reminds me of rich victorian palettes but with a modern edge.

Fifties pinks & greens will never get old to me. Vintage Americana at its finest.

This toned down palette with a pop of neon is beautiful & in my opinion the perfect way to include neon in the everyday.

Another pastel pink but paired with the dark green/blue of these leaves is just sublime!

And another combo of pinks and yellows! I can see a theme developing here! 

Find more colour inspiration on my pinterest - Colour love
Colour is so important to me. Whether it is in my home, in my design work or in my outfits. I love matching perfect palettes to create something unique.

What are some of your favourite palettes right now? 

Stay creative folks!