Saturday, 13 May 2017

On getting back into the creative groove

My creativity has been waxing and waning lately. I still feel lost without a brief to work towards and hadn't been producing a lot of new work. Then all of a sudden it seemed to spring back and I had that spark again. 

Earlier this week I finished reading a book called The Element by Ken Robinson. Robinson is a motivational speaker and has much experience within education & creativity.Please check out his TED talks on youtube! This book has made me realise the importance of nurturing my creativity, even if my skill levels aren't all where I wish them to be I still need to keep using them. In fact using them is the precise way to get to where I dream of being. 

I also came across a 3 month free trial of skillshare last week and decided to give it another go, last time I tried the classes seemed quite vague and there wasn't enough structure for me personally at that time. Now I am finding it immensely inspirational and rewarding. I am finding new skills and honing those I already have. I will most certainly keep my account after the trial runs out.

Another wonderful side effect of this is discovering new artists & illustrators. I wanted to share some work that I am finding super inspirational right now.

Ohn Mar Win

On skillshare a lot of her classes focus on food but I adore these Parisian buildings and have been feeling the urge to draw some architecture myself for quite some time. 

Minnie Small or semiskimmedmin

I found Minnie on youtube & was immediately drawn to her bold lines & her architectural sketching. I love her work. She is so inspirational & I find watching her videos so soothing. 

Mariya Popandopulo

Mariya is a photographer but she also has some great little classes on skillshare about illustration. Her work is so cute!

Amarilys Henderson

Amarilys makes me want to be better. Her watercolours are just gorgeous and she makes me determined to work hard at getting to where I want to be with mine. 

Victoria Johnson

Victoria's work is what I hope mine will be some day in the future. Her style is similar to mine and she teaches some great classes that expand your vision of illustration and art. 

What have you been doing to stay creative? Let me know in the comments.