Thursday, 11 May 2017

On seeing things through

I don't know about anyone else but leaving uni definitely made me relax more when it comes to deadlines or sticking with projects to the end. I am kind of on a mission this year to finish things. 

Since watching/listening to the minimalists I am starting to see the satisfaction of using things until they are done rather than constantly buying more. I have been doing this with most of my beauty products since getting inspired by those guys. 

I realised earlier this month that I tend to do this with tv series too! So I am on a mission to finish some series that I have loved but that the hoarder in me can't stand to see through til the end. I have put off watching this last season of girls forever because it is my very favourite show and I dunno how life will be after but some others I just never get round to completing! 

Here's my little list to finish...

Have you got any tv show recommendations? I am looking forward to discovering new ones as I finish up with old ones. I am looking forward to a good de-clutter!